Best trick. Ever.

Wednesday night was clearly a full moon.  We were up half the night.  The FG was batting aound an empty food bowl at 2AM, I wanted to go out for a pee at 3AM, Einstein started barking at the FG at 4 AM…  In a word it was chaos.  At 4AM my human put the FG in his crate because he was staring at me and squeaking.  And I was FINE – I was just trying to sleep at that point.  So when my human got up at 5:45, she was just a TAD cranky.

She took Einstein and I out first.  We did our thing and then it was the FG’s turn to go out.  And as is typical, Einstein started barking as soon as the front door was closed.  It was icy out, so my human just took the FG around the house to the backyard to do his thing.  And Einstein was barking up a storm.  At which point my human, who was just a LITTLE overtired,  hauled off her mittens, dug her phone out of her pocket, opened the Big Brother app, and did something she has not tried before.  She turned on the microphone and loudly said “FRODO BE QUIET.”  And the house fell silent.  I mean SILENT.  Einstein couldn’t figure out where her voice was coming from.  I mean he KNEW she took the FG out, so how could she be talking to him?!  He gave another bark and again, the mystery voice said “FRODO BE QUIET.”  And he never made another peep.

When she came back in the house – he just stared at her.  Now ordinarily, he will start barking at her to get his breakfast. I told you about his routine with the garage door.  Anyway, my human went in the garage – and he never made a sound.  I’m not kidding.  I think he was still in shock because he couldn’t figure out the whole voice mystery. 

My human opened the door, looked at him and said “pretty good trick, eh?”  He silently stared at her.

Now I’m SURE he will catch on to the fact that she is NOT there when she uses the speaker on Big Brother – and the barking will resume.  But is sure was fun to watch Mr. Brilliant be fooled – for now.  For a change: Human-1; PON-0.  We’ll see how long it lasts…

We’ll also see today what an overgrown rodent predicts about the weather.  Yup.  It’s groundhog day – and the furry weather prognosticator will be making his judgement today.  If he sees his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter.  No shadow means an early spring. In our area, the groundhog’s name is  Shubenacadie Sam. Last year he forecast an early spring.  I was just looking at some snowy photos from last year on April 2.  So I’m not sure the hedgehog-wanna-be is all that reliable with his forecast.  But we’ll see.  Just the THOUGHT of an early spring makes humans feel better!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

Seizure-free days:  21

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