Pop Art. Or is it Pup Art…

It’s January 28 and according to the crazy calendar, it’s Pop Art Day.  Pop Art is a style of painting that became popular in the mid to late 1950’s in the US and the UK.  It took images from popular culture and advertising ( like comic strips or signs) and incorporated them into works of art.  An example is Andy Warhol’s famous painting of Campbell Soup cans. Pop art often used bold and bright colors.

We talked about this topic before and I showed you an example of a drawing of me, converted to a Pop Art image.  This time, we’ll use a photo of the FG – and you can do this too.
We start with his photo:

Then using a free app called Super Photo, we can select the Warhol filter and voila – we have  Pop Art images of the FG.  

You can also use an app called Enlight – which costs a few bucks – and this app can give you this kind of Pop Art image.  

Enlight can actually do all kinds of things with photos – my human uses it a fair bit and she realizes she doesn’t even know all the possibilities.
While searching for dog art, my human came across the following video.  It isn’t a PON or a Picard – but it’s neat to see the artist creating this painting for 2018 – which is the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar.  The music is actually pretty cute and rather catchy!


We found some videos of dogs making paintings with non-toxic paint on their paws.  Clearly that was one craft that would NOT be attempted in this household…
Anyway, I hope YOUR day is colorful!  Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 16

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