Treeverse study

So I am doing a study.  Well, it’s actually a survey.  And I don’t have any grant funding to carry out this survey, so I will rely on my blog readers to help me out.  And I realize that this subject pool would be a select group – but it’s a place to start.  So here is my research question…what percentage of dogs have the ability to treeverse?  As you may recall, the term “treeverse” comes from my own Viktionary.  I define it as “the ability of some dogs to reverse themselves when they are on a leash and have gone around a tree.”  In this household, we are looking at 33% who are able to perform this movement.  And you can probably guess who that is – Einstein.  We don’t call him that for nothing.

Last night when my human got home from work, she took each of us on leash in the backyard to “do our thing.”  In the process, Einstein went around a tree, while my human and I were on the other side.  My human simply said to Einstein “go around” and he reversed himself and we continued on.  On the other hand, the FG went out and somehow managed to wrap himself around not just any tree – but a pine tree – with low branches.  He bounced around while my human worked to untangle him and set him free.  She clearly needs shorter leashes.  I didn’t actually get tangled last night – but based on past performance, my human is counting me as one of the non-treeversers. 

I think that treeversing can be trained – and agility dogs can probably figure out this move pretty easily.  But I’m not entirely sure.  And herding dogs MIGHT also be able to figure out the move too – but obviously the FG and I  aren’t in that group. I should also note that this doesn’t just apply to trees – poles count as well.  Poles as in structural columns – not the people.  Although, I suppose some dogs can get humans tangled in leashes too…But that’s for another research study.

It’s FRIDAY.  Thank goodness. The temperatures sound perfect for good long walks – although I did see a forecast for rain on Sunday.  What a crazy winter!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.  And watch out for trees. And don’t forget to respond to my survey….

Seizure-free days: 14

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