Pied Piper

Well the FG sure learned how to tease a couple of PONs yesterday.  He was like the Pied Piper luring us from room to room.  My human bought these new treats for us – they are called Cod Bits.  They are made from “Wild Alaskan Cod Skins” and they are “Hand twisted and slowly dried in Canada.”  I sure would like that job. Anyway, they are basically dried cod – and they are light and crunchy.  And the aroma when you open the bag is scrumptious – to us dogs anyway.  And probably cats too.  My human gave each of us a piece.  Of course, Einstein and I simply grabbed it, crunched a few times and it was gone before we even realized what we ate.  The FG stood staring at the strange thing in my human’s hand, and wasn’t going to touch it until he realized that Einstein and I were about to grab it.  So he took it gently in his teeth. Now as I said, these things are pretty light and crunchy and they break apart pretty easily.  So here he was, carrying around his delicate cargo, but unwilling to drop it because he KNEW a PON would quickly get it.  He wasn’t even sure if he really liked the thing, but he knew that he liked it enough to not want one of us to have it.  So he walked around the dining room table.  Carrying his cargo.  And careful not to drop it – although it was starting to break up just as he held it.  He walked faster.  And two shadows walked faster.  My human said “hey – let him enjoy that.”  We glanced at her and kept following the Pied Piper. Into the kitchen.  Back into the dining room.  Around the table again.  By this point he had taken a few tentative bites and decided he definitely wanted it.  So he took the plunge and ate the whole thing, without dropping it to examine it – like he does with any new food item.  Safe to say, the Cod Bits were a hit with everyone.  Mind you, I don’t know if there has EVER been a treat that we PONs didn’t like…

The FG is actually feeling like a celebrity these days.  Remember my story about Toto?  Or Terry.  Well I also mentioned that there were a couple of Picards who starred in the movie, Because of Winn Dixie.  Well I came to find out from one of my readers that there were 5 Picards in the film.  The two that were well known were Laiko and Scott.  And I quote Betsy Gilardi Richards:”… Laiko was a proven stud dog and had fathered 8 litters in France before he was leased by the production company Birds and Animals. The other dog Scot went on to star in at least 2 movies in Europe after he went back home.” These two dogs were used for the close-up shots, while the others were used for distance shots.  So of course, my human had to see if the dogs were related to the FG.  And sure enough, Laiko is the great-great-great-great grandfather of the FG!!!!!!  So clearly, he comes from a “trainable” ancestry. There’s hope for him yet.  Next things you know, he’ll be giving out paw-tographs…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

Seizure free days: 13

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