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So in looking for news in the world of dogs, I saw an article about a man “crossing Canada with his sled dogs.” So of course I had to check it out.  It seems a guy who calls New Brunswick, Canada his home (which is north of Nova Scotia if you are not sure of Canadian geography.  From Halifax, Nova Scotia you can cross the border into New Brunsick in about 2.5 hours.   Unless you have LOTS of pee stops).  ANYWAY, he is starting his journey from Churchill, Manitoba and traveling by dog sled to his home in New Brunswick.  Churchill, Manitoba is an interesting place, because it holds the title as “Polar Bear Capital of the World.”  Tourism and ecotourism to see the bears is a big industry in Churchill. It’s on my human’s bucket list.  But she said we are not allowed to come along.  Because although you MAY have seen a video like this…

These same polar bears have been known to EAT dogs as well.  So we’re not going to Churchill.

I should point out that while the sled dog story describes the man as “crossing Canada” – if you look at a map, Churchill is about half way across Canada.  Still, the journey is about 3000km or 1900 miles.  I checked out the names of the sled dogs going on this journey and there were some interesting names – like Alpine, Juniper and Tamarack.  And of course, there was a Bella.  Seriously.  There HAD to be.  If you want to follow their progress or find out more about this adventure, here is their website:

Given that Einstein and I don’t like to get wet, and we quite enjoy the comforts of sleeping on my human’s bed, I don’t think we are cut out for this kind of work.  I think the FG could do it, because he certainly has the energy and he LOVES to run.  Mind you, he doesn’t follow directions well – so they could end up in Florida instead of New Brunswick…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!!

Seizure-free days:  12

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