I bit my human…

I bit my human.  Yup.  I did it.  But it was an accident – so I don’t think I’m really guilty…Am I????

My human was off yesterday.  And we were sure to get her up nice and early to make the most of the day.   Sunday night was a repeat performance of Saturday night with the FG.  She attempted to allow him in the bedroom again.  But like the night before, he preferred to spin, chew, lick and basically NOT settle down.  But this time, he went on his own into the other room to sleep. And then we ALL were able to sleep.

My human had several “projects” planned for Monday, including cleaning out the tool closet in the garage.  Somehow, it had exploded – and she couldn’t find a thing in it.  Nails were mixed with screws, hammers were buried under rope – it basically was a disaster.  So she had been to the infamous Dollar Store to purchase a variety of containers to help her organize.  But she ALSO bought some other things at the Dollar Store…So before she began her organizing, she “invited me” in to the garage to take some photos.  And although I don’t mind the picture-taking thing, wearing assorted holiday attire – because I DO get lots of treats – I was in a serious modelling mood.  And try as hard as she could – my human could not get me to smile.  I would sit and look seriously at the camera.  So she figured I needed some play time first.  So she got out the hedgehog.  And she tossed it for me.  And I ran around with it.  And we played tug with it.  And she somehow managed to get it away from me and tossed it again.  We were having a grand time. And then she attempted to pull the hedgehog.  And I went to grab him to get a better grip and bam – I grabbed her finger.  “Yow” she said.  And she grabbed a towel because, well let’s just say I got her good.  I quickly realized I had dome something because our playing came to a halt while she tried to stop the bleeding.  “Aw buddy” she said.  “game over.”

After she got herself bandaged up, she figured she should start her organizing project.  So she put all three of us in the run in the garage while she was working.  In the run there were assorted toys that dispense treats – so we quickly emptied those.  But Einstein wanted more treats.  So he kept batting around the now empty “Pyramid” while barking.  Incessantly.  So it was like bam-crash-bark-bark-bam-crash-bark-crash-bam-bark-bark-bark-bam-crash.  After about 15 minutes, my human couldn’t take the noise any more, so we were all ushered back into the house, leaving her with her bandaged finger to clean the disaster closet in peace and quiet.

We DID get to play games when she was finished and had a good run around outside.  Although I must say the snow is really not very much fun right now.  It still has that crusty surface.  So it’s slippery and then all of a sudden you fall through.  Einstein and I tend to keep to the areas that have already been walked on.  Even the FG finds it hard. And today, we have rain in the forecast.  Great fun.

Well time to go on guard duty. Oh and I forgot to mention – I really AM sorry about that bite….

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up.

Seizure-free days: 11

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