PBS and more training

Today, January 13, is Public Radio Broadcasting Day.  So I went to the PBS website and they have quite a number of dog-umentaries and info on dogs.  I also found this quick interactive quiz that lets you match a breed with it’s place of origin.  Which requires that you know the breed – AND you know  your geography:


And if you have kids or grandkids, here are a BUNCH of dog related interactive games to play.  I wanted to try them on my human’s iPad.  But as is usually the case, the answer was no.


The cornflake caper continues or should I call it the case of the cereal killer.  BEFORE my human read all the good suggestions that people had about training this trick – like USING kibble, or cheese popcorn or a toy, she tried it one more time with the cornflakes.  This time, the FG didn’t want to sit.  At all.  He is obviously not interested in wearing breakfast food.  And when she tried to entice him to get excited over the cornflakes, and she would grab them when they hit the floor, they just ended up crumbling into tiny little pieces.  She’ll try kibble or toys next.

We were all driving her a bit crazy the other night and after we EACH played a game of find the treats (which are hidden all over the room), we STILL wanted to do something ELSE.  So my human said, “OK, let’s do some obedience sit-stays.”  She basiaclly sits us in a row, sets a timer and we have to sit and wait until the timer goes off.  The timer is set to different times each time, so we don’t get used to a pattern.  Einstein and I wanted to play this game.  It’s boring – but easy.  But the FG was feeling lazy after eating all the cornflake crumbs, so he would’t sit up.  She asked him several times.   He would just lie there and look at her.  I think he was afraid to sit up for fear the cornflakes would come out again.  She physically had to lift the limp Picard into a sit.  All the time we PONs just wanted the stupid timer to get started so we could get our treats.  The whole sit-stay training ploy works GREAT for my human – she can do other things while she is waiting.  Like check her email.  The time period is anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  After a couple of sits, then we got to do down-stays which the FG loved because he really did NOT want to sit.  Anyway, we ALL passed every sit-stay and down-stay exercise.  And my human read all her email….

Today is Saturday.  And hopefully the rain that is forecast will hold off so we can have good walks.  Enjoy your weekend!

Have a  good one. Peace and paws up! 

Seizure- free days: 2

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