Bad news…

Well I’m afraid I have some bad news to share.  Very bad news…

We all know that I have been battling my seizures for over a year and a half.  And we have had to adjust my medications over time.  I even added the Cannabis terpenes a few months ago to my regular meds.  And every time I ALMOST make it to a month seizure free, I have another one.  Back in December I actually had two within one day.  Which really worried my human.  But then, I was fine.  Three weeks went by and I had another one.  So we went to the Vet last week to look at changing my medications again.  In addition to the last seizure, my human wasn’t happy with some side effects of one of the drugs I was taking, so she wanted to see if that could be changed.  So they ordered in my new meds and my human was to pick them up yesterday.  Unfortunately, at 2AM Wednesday, I had a seizure.  And then another one at 8 AM.   My human was working from home – so she could keep an eye on me.  And then at 2PM, BAM I had number three.  That’s when she really got worried.  So she whisked me off to the Vet and they decided that although I wasn’t having a seizure at that point, they would give me some Valium to stop the cluster from happening again.  Unfortunately, the Valium seemed to have an opposite effect on me.  And I had another seizure.  To say my human was beside herself is a gross understatement. LONG story short, they ended up giving me another medication to help me rest while the Valium was wearing off.  And after a few hours, I was back to “normal”.  Well – pretty wobbly and tired, but back to myself.

So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and send good healing wishes.  I know that we can beat this.  We have to.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

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