Word Nerd Day

Well its’s January 9 and it’s a national Word Nerd Day.  So time for some new entries from the Viktionary:

Delayed auditory comprehension – n. The momentary delay in responding to a command given by a human, until you realize that they DO indeed have a treat in hand; not to be confused with general stubbornness. Probably.
Homeward bound refusal – v.  The deliberate acting out, by tugging on the leash, when one realizes that a walk is coming to an end.  The FG does this routinely, by going totally crazy and attempting to pull the leash out of my human’s hand, in order to avoid going in the house.  This is particularly entertaining when performed on icy driveways. 
Snow dangels – n.   The patterns left on the ground by dogs rolling in freshly fallen snow.
Smirk smack – v. The staring and licking of lips done by dogs after we have quickly eaten something inedible to humans.  The more gross the item,  the more effective the action.
Poket -v.  The continual poking at a human pocket when we dogs KNOW there is a treat inside.
Dryer treats – n. The dog treats found in the clothes dryer which came out of some pants pocket during laundry.
Stuffed animal dissection – n. The deliberate amputation of apendages or the decapitation of the head or the removal of stuffing from cute stuffed animals.  Resulting in the purchase of animals (like a hedgehog) who has small apendages, and no separate head. The hedgehog, however, can still NOT be left alone with us, as we would still surgically remove his stuffing. 
So a few new words to add to your vocabulary! 
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!

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