The good thing about a power outage…..

So who knew there could be an advantage to a power outage…

On Saturday, after we finished rejoicing when the power came on at 5AM, my human needed to empty some things from our fridge and freezer.  She’s pretty cautious when it comes to food safety – so her rule is always “better safe than sorry.” So she disposed of two cartons of milk, her last carton of egg nog (WHAT will she put in her coffee in the morning NOW?!), a carton of whipping cream, and a container from ice tea that for some odd reason needed to stay refrigerated. She emptied the contents down the drain, and put the containers in a blue plastic recycling bag – which was to go in the garage.  Was being the operative word.  My human did the emptying and realized she was supposed to be meeting her mother and sister – soon.  She had to take us out for a pee  before she went, and needed to get a few other things organized. She got us all set, gave us some treats before she went, put the FG in his pony-sized crate and rushed out the door.   Leaving the bag of recyclables on the kitchen floor in the blue plastic bag…
My human was only gone about an hour and when she walked in the door, guess what the first words were out of her mouth?  “Who did this?!”  Someone dragged the blue bag into the dining and shredded the milk cartons.  And the egg nog carton.  And the carton from whipping cream.. There were pieces all over the floor AND a dining room chair was knocked over – indicating a real rumble.  Einstein and I just stared at my human as she went to get a new blue bag and proceeded to pick up tiny peices of carton.  She wondered WHO started this chaos.  And then she remembered – Big Brother. She would be able to replay the tape and see who the guilty culprit was.  She grabbed her phone and the two of us just looked at each other.  Meanwhile, the FG was lounging in his crate because he knew HE couldn’t be blamed for this one.  My human opened the app, anxious to find the guilty party.  Or parties.  And guess what?  A small miracle.  After the power outage, the camera had not come back on! It needed to be reset.  So there was no evidence! Einstein and I immediately did a happy dance.   My human just looked at us and said “it’s your lucky day.”   Not that there would have been any repercussions for the crime – other than perhaps one less treat.  And another notch on the crime list.  But we were off the hook.
So although the power outage was a nuisance, just like everything in life, if you search through the bad stuff there is often a silver lining.  Always remember to look for it!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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