Trivia. LOTS of trivia…

So today, January 4,  is National Trivia Day.  I was going to come up with a series of trivia questions about dogs…and then I found the following page.

There are literally over 270 dog trivia quizzes here.  So if you happen to be stuck in the house today because there is a storm outside (like we are forecast to have here today) OR you are taking a coffee break at work and you have some time to kill, check out this site and see how knowledgeable you are about ALL things dog.  When you click on a particular quiz, if you don’t want to be timed, just click where it says Take Quiz: Single Page.  Then just click away.  You will also note that the quizzes are rated from Easy to Very Difficult.  My human tried a bunch of them – of course, she likes to go straight for the Difficult and Very Difficult levels.  She did pretty well on the training quizzes.  Go figure – she KNOWS how to train us – but clearly WE know more.  She also did well on some of the breed quizzes but she did concede that she didn’t get 100% on one or two rated as Very Difficult.  She thought she knew rare breeds – but I guess she doesn’t! 

Although we are not crazy about storms  because of the challenges they can present for humans when they have to get from place to place, we ARE happy when it is so bad that my human isn’t going in to work!  Bonus.  We thought we might get to meet the new plow guy we have this year because the initial forecast was calling for snow.  I think it was our driveway that caused the last guy to retire from plowing.  We’ll see how it goes this year.  But it looks like today we are going to get high winds and lots of rain, instead.  Not fun PON weather in this household!  But on the flip side we don’t have to plow or shovel rain!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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