Dear Santa. Part 1.

Dear Santa.

Well it’s that time of year when all good dogs put in their requests for Christmas gifts.  I realize I do not EXACTLY fit the category of “good” dogs – but I did TRY to behave more this year.  TRY being the operative word.

In order to submit my “ask” I feel I need to demonstrate why I am deserving of gifts.  The following is my list of accomplishments this year…. 

1.  I accepted that fact that I am no longer the baby in the household, and I started to like the FG.  Not that I went so far as to PLAY with him – but I no longer avoided him.  I will stay right next to him and chew on a bone, we will sleep within close proximity of each other and I don’t grumble when he comes over while I am being petted by my human.  I think I deserve extra gifts just for this exemplary behavior alone.    

2.  I did not steal as many things off the counter this year.  OK.  My human didn’t LEAVE anything I could get.  But still – I was generally good when it came to surfing.  Except for that oven mitt…

3.  I did not run off as much this year.  And we will not consider the fact that our decreasing bunny population, had anything to do with it.  

4.  I took all my medications willingly and quickly.  Mind you, they are hidden in food, so that’s not REALLY an issue.  Ever.  But it COULD be….

5.  I did not moan and groan while being groomed.  Like Einstein does.  I am very groomable.  In fact, it really is my forte’.  Yes – I do complain in my blog about grooming – but once on that table, I am the picture of groomability.  Seriously.

6.  I continued to write my blog EVERY day.  Some days I was funnier than other days and some days – well I think I was downright boring.  But still – I DID it. 

So that’s my list of attributes.  But since I should employ full disclosure…  I will also discuss a few indiscretions this year….

To be continued

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up. 

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