Find it.

So the night before last, my human decided we needed to play a game.  Probably because we wouldn’t leave her alone, and she wasn’t going to get anything done anyway – so why not play a game?  We haven’t played this in awhile.  It’s another search game – but without the bunny.  Here’s the game:  my human makes one of us sit facing a wall, while she goes and hides treats around the room/rooms.  The other two dogs are sequesterd in the hallway and are able to watch the proceedings until it is our turn.  While we are not SUPPOSED to watch where she hides the treats, let’s face it – all of us turn our heads to see where she is putting them.  But we must stay sitting until she gives us the release to go and find the treats.  And like everything in this house – there are distinct styles demonstrated in playing the game…

PON style.  Run as QUICKLY as possible to seek out the treats.  Use your nose a bit, but go SO quickly and in such a tizzy that you sometimes run right over the treats.   Go in circles.  Race around the room.  Race around again – hopefully finding treats on the send swoop.  Keep going until you are huffing and puffing – and often at LEAST one treat is not found because you have been so crazed.  Here is the accompanying internal monologue :  “Where is it?  Where is it?  I MUST find it.  I MUST find it?  Did I look here?  What about here?  Wait is that one there?  I MUST find it.   Oh I hope my time is not running out.  Wait there is no timer.  But I must go faster.  And faster.  Wait I just stepped on one.  Wait what do you mean I’m done?  What do you mean it’s someone else’s turn?”

Picard style.   Now we have S-L-O-W motion…. And here is THIS monologue:  “Hmmmm.  Now what is it I am supposed to do?  Oh yeah.  Find the treats.  Well…let’s walk over here.  Well golly, I found one.  And by jove, another one.  Hey, look at that nativity set.  I never noticed that.  Cool.  Hmmm.. Oh yeah.  The game.  Oops – I see one.  Maybe if I use my nose.  Yup.  Another one.  Well look at those ornaments.  Aren’t they nice?  Pretty colors.  Why are those PONs screaming?  Oh yeah – I’m supposed to be playing the game.  Watch this.  Here is one.  And another one.  And one more.  And just LOOK at my reflection in the glass door.  I sure am handsome.  Oh and there’s a treat.  And one more.  All found.  Now.  What are we doing next?”

Never a dull moment.  Ever.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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