In the News…

OK.  This is my last warning.  All of you humans using the name Bella as your internet password – CHANGE IT.  You are not going to believe what THE most popular dog name is in Australia.  I am NOT kidding.  It’s Bella.  So that’s the US, the UK and now Australia.  Of all the gazillion dog names – around the WORLD, Bella keeps coming up.  I did not see Viktor, Frodo or Elroy listed in the Australian Top 100 names.  Maybe next year.

In other dogs news – guess what some Shar-Pei in Oklahoma ate?  You’ll never guess – so I’ll tell you.  21 baby pacifiers.  Or soothers as some people call them.  The baby’s parents kept wondering why all the pacifiers kept disappearing…What did they think – the child was eating them?!  The dog apparently did well after surgery, but I’m betting the Vet bill wasn’t all that soothing.  Who’s crying now?

If you are still looking about what to put on Santa’s list – I THINK I have found something.  It’s called the GoBone.  It’s an interactive toy that humans program to entertain their dogs.  Check it out:

It APPEARS sturdy – mind you, my human would never leave us alone with anything like this for fear we would – well Einstein would, take it apart.  And then she would be stressing that we ate the batteries.  And I’m a BIT concerned as they DO sell replacement parts…  The toy is NOT cheap – but it doesn’t cost anything to put it on Santa’s list…

If you are a human who likes to bake dog biscuits – here is a site that will make custom dog cookie cutters.
Unfortunately, I don’t see a PON or Picard.  Mind you, we COULD get a cookie cutter shaped like a bone – with our names on them.  AS IF we take time to read the cookies.  Or I wouldn’t eat a cookie that says Frodo.  Still they are cute.  For somebody else….

OK that’s it for today. 

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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