So my human went to the Dollar Store yesterday…And she came home with a BIG bag…

As you have already seen, she has dusted off the old antlers and has made each of us pose as if we are having a good time.  Sure.  The treats ARE good.  But doesn’t she have ENOUGH photos of us yet?

Mind you – one of us LOVES the whole photo thing.  Einstein.  I mean he LOVES having his photo taken.  Yesterday when my human took out all the “props,”  she decided to start with him first.  She had set up the grooming table in the garage with a white screen.  Well, Einstein RAN and leaped onto the table.  He is SUCH a ham.  And he will do whatever she asks him to do.  Look up.  Look at me.  Look sad.  Smile.  I kid you not – he does it ALL.  Check out these photos…

On the other hand, I want to get on the table but can BARELY sit still because I just want the treats.  I end up looking like some crazed monster.  And the FG – well he REFUSES to smile.  You will still, no doubt, see some of our photos over the next two weeks, though.  The ones she was able to salvage.

The elusive group shot still remains to be taken…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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