The countdown

So my human has begun the Christmas explosion.  The dog tree (as you can see) is up – decorated with all dog ornaments, leashes for garland and of course, ribbons won in the past year.  Today the real tree will go up.  She will be careful to keep us away from  it – for fear we would pee on it.  Apparently there is a whole LIST of  dangers with Christmas trees and dogs.  For example, if we eat the needles, it could be dangerous as they could actually puncture our gastrointestinal tract.  Who knew?  The water for the tree could be dangerous as it may contain pesticides, fertilizers or preservatives.  Chewing on lights could cause electrical shock or mouth burns.  Of course, breaking and swallowing bits of ornaments OR ornament hooks could obviously be dangerous as well. Would you ever believe that your lovely tree could hide so many dangers for us dogs?!

Yesterday my human went to some kind of local craft show to look for Christmas presents.  But she wouldn’t let us inspect the contents of the bag when she got home – so I am wondering if there is something for us canines in that bag.  Let’s just hope some crafter has not designed any kind of doggie attire for the holidays…I haven’t seen any big bags from the dreaded Dollar Store yet – but I’m SURE those horrid antlers are still around here somewhere.  You KNOW that photo shoot will be coming any time now.

And speaking of photos – my human is almost finished with our calendar – and is ready to send it off for printing.  She does one each year – and then takes it to her office so she can look at our lovely faces every day while she is at work.  The hard part in making the calendar is deciding which photos from the last year she should use – out of the 563, 122 taken.  No kidding.

Well, I hope your holiday preparations are going well.  The countdown is ON!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!!!

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