What is out there?

So there is SOMETHING out there.  I don’t know what it is – but I have a suspicion…

The other morning, my human took Einstein and I out for out morning walk in the dark.  We were sniffing around like crazy but didn’t see or hear anything unusual. By the time my human took the FG out, it was starting to get light.  But not completely.  She decided to take him up to the golf course for his walk.   Off they went – with my human in her regular position in tow.

As they approached the first fairway, the FG stopped dead in his tracks.  The wind was blowing quite hard – right into their faces.  He stopped, put his head up and then stared off into the woods.  He wouldn’t move.  And then he did something he has NEVER, ever done before.  He turned around and headed back in the direction from which they had come.  He didn’t want to go any further.  Now my human is not one to get nervous about the great outdoors.  She knows that MOST wildlife around here is not very menacing and if you make enough noise, will run away.  But on that particular morning, she could FEEL that the FG was uncomfortable.  He didn’t let out a bark (like he did at the scary snowflakes) and he didn’t growl, but he was clearly smelling SOMETHING and he did NOT want to go in that direction.  He kept stopping, looking back and smelling the air.  He was quite happy to go home – and trust me – that is NOT typical behavior for him! 

I know there are coyotes around and we have heard them in the past.  We also noted some interesting poop on our trail to the lake.  It had what looked like fur in it….Mind you, it could have been mine – I do like to lick Einstein’s ears and it wouldn’t be the first time I have fuzzy poop.  But I’m not so sure it was mine…

We’ll be extra careful when it’s dark out.   Mind you, one look at my human in her headlamp and bulky hair-covered dog walking attire,  and most wild creatures would be running for the hills….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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