Dog and cat neurons

So a new study came out which provided us with info that we already knew.  Dogs are smarter than cats. Yup.  Sorry all you cats.  Scientists looked at the number of neurons in the brains of animals – and dogs had TWICE as many as cats.  We had something like 500 million and cats had around 250 million.  Now some might argue that counting neurons is just one way to measure intelligence – and if I include ALL the details – well we dogs had similar “intelligence” to raccoons and lions.  Cats were on par with bears.  Orangutans and gorillas have something like 6-9 billion neurons and humans have 16 billion. Elephants were up there with over 5 billion…

They say they still need to do more research on this topic and they have yet to study the neuron numbers in marine mammals.

While I like the fact that we dogs beat out cats…as I OFTEN emphasize in my blog, I’m not always so sure that HUMANS are smarter than us canines.  Think about it.  They give us run of their house, feed us, bathe us (which I could skip), walk us, take us to the doctor when we are sick, and best of all, clean up our poop.  And they are smarter than us?  Seems we have it pretty good.  So I’m not sure exactly how we interpret all these numbers. 

But I still like having more neurons than cats…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

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