Pay it Forward

So today is something called Pay it Forward Day.  It’s basically a day when humans are supposed to be nice to other humans and perform random acts of kindness.  Buy someone a coffee, help the neighbor carry out the trash or rake the yard, visit or call someone who is ill, let someone into traffic ahead of you…nice little things that the other person will appreciate, and will make you feel better too!  Isn’t it kind of ODD though, that humans need to have a “day” to be reminded to be nice to one another?  To treat others with respect and kindness?  I always say – humans need to take a lesson from us canines – we always treat others with unconditional love and respect.  Unless it’s a delivery person.  Then we may not be exactly respectful and all lovey dovey.  Or suspicious strangers.  But then, that’s our JOB.  We are ALWAYS loving and respectful of our human.  OK, maybe not ALWAYS respectful when we take off into the woods and pretend we don’t know our names.  Or when we eat the dining room rug.  Or steal bananas off the counter…But we DO always love her.  And we can’t WAIT for her to come home from work.  Our excitement is too hard to contain. I dare say, most humans don’t greet other humans with the same amount of enthusiasm.  Humans need to pay attention to us dogs – and really, be more like us.  I think they should change the name from Pay it Forward Day to Be Like a Dog Day.  Who do I see about getting this changed?

Have a good one.  And be nice.

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