And in the news…

So let’s check on news from the Wonderful World of dogs…

Well, the city of Waterloo, Ontario has come up with a way to turn dog poop into energy.  Humans can put their dog droppings into special receptacles, and the organic waste is collected and put into big underground vats.  It eventually breaks down creating a biogas which can be used for energy.  I figure my human is sitting on a gold mine.  We collect enough poop at our place to power a small village.  I can see it now – we’ll be selling the stuff.  I want my picture in the ads.  Then again, maybe not.

So I tried to  convince my human to get a subscription to DOGTV.  It’s a station FOR dogs.  Apparently it’s available in 13 countries – and you can even view it on the net.  It was apparently developed by a host of pet “experts” and has been tested by some Professor at Tufts University.  The content is supposedly designed to pique the interest of us canines.  So we decided to check it out.  My human figured if she could find a way to entertain us while she is eating her dinner, it would curb the staring and pawing that goes on.   She wanted to test it with us- before she signed up for the “free trial”.  But the “free trial” isn’t REALLY free because as far as I could tell you had to buy at LEAST a one month subscription and that included an additional “free” month.  Which would be automatically renewed.  Read that small print.  Anyway, she went to YouTube and found these two examples to try out with us.

She put her laptop on a chair, opened the video to full screen and watched to see what would happen. The park video resulted in a couple of ear raises – but that was about it.  Nobody cared about what was on the screen.  I was too busy looking to see if there were any dinner leftovers, the FG squeaked and wanted to go out and Einstein just rolled his eyes.  As for the “relaxation” video, my human sure wasn’t relaxed and was more tense than ever because by this point we were REALLY bored and she figured that it was only a matter of time before somebody pounced on her laptop.  End of the experiment.  So it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a “free” subscription any time soon.  Unless I can get a hold of her credit card.   Just for fun….

Have a good one!

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