The bounty hunter

So my human is starting a very busy time at work. The good news – her mother is home from the hospital.  She has a journey ahead of her which will involve another test, but for now things are stable. She was happy to be sprung from the hospital.  Thank you for your prayers and good wishes – they are very much appreciated- and needed.

So yesterday my human got up extra early to get to work early.  She’s kind of the “boss” of her team, so she wanted to be sure everything was well prepared for the first team meeting.

We all got to go for long walks and had our breakfasts.  Just before she left, she took the FG for one more pee. She brought him inside and went to take me out on a leash- while Einstein was free.  She no sooner got the door part way open, then she was hip checked from behind by the FG.  He burst out the door. My human immediately began to panic – she knew he would think this was a great game and would take off.  Initially, she waved a treat which Einstein and I tried to grab- all the time the FG was circling around barking and trying the grab Einstein’s tail.  Once he became bored – and my human was sufficiently dizzy, he raced off. She quickly put us in the house and while she implored him to stop, the gazelle was answering the call of the wild.  Off into the woods – with my human wearing ballet style shoes in hot pursuit.  Over stumps, through mud and puddles – she HAD to get him.  He raced down our trail to the lake.  She saw him stopping to poop but couldn’t get close enough to grab him – I think he took off mid poop.  Finally she got to the lake.  She took a deep breath, said nothing to him and began to toss some sticks into the water.  She piqued his attention.  He got closer.  She began to splash some sticks floating in the water.  He stood by her to see more closely what she was doing.  She slowly moved her hand to get his collar – without making any sudden movements.  GOT IT!! Then she slowly clipped on the long line she had been dragging through the woods.  Click.  She just about passed out.  The escapee was once again in custody.  She slowly guided him back the other trail to the house.  With wet feet.  And muddy pants.  But the bounty hunter was successful.  All before 8 AM.

So.  The new rule.  The FG stays OUT of the hallway if we are going out.  And yes- they are seriously going to continue their work on recall.  

And you guys thought I was bad!!! Never a dull moment!

Have a good one.

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