Egg-ceptional new toys

Well it’s official.  Einstein is cracked.  He thinks he is a chicken and MUST guard those new Dog Eggs I mentioned the other day.  He is egg-stra vigilant about making sure that NO one else can have one – so we are all walking around on egg shells.  When the eggs first came out, we all scrambled to get one.  Now if we want to get near Einstein while he is guarding his nest, we have to go over easy.  I mean we must have a dozen other toys lying around, and he doesn’t care if we take them – we just can’t poach the new eggs.  The FG and I have been hatching a plan to get them, but no luck yet. OK, enough of the egg-cellent egg puns.   But it IS all true.

Remember the awesome dog toy that Jackson has?  The one that he and the FG pull on and tug on and race around with? Well my human found the same one – it’s made by Chuckit.

So she bought two.  The idea being that you toss one, we go to get it, start heading back and she throws the next one.  OR – she throws one for me and one for Einstein.  We are both great at retrieving.  So she brought them home and we had a blast getting them.  We played until we were starting to slow down, and then my human put us in the house and brought out the FG.  He was SOOOOOOO excited.  He waited and waited until she threw it.  He raced out to get it, grabbed it, looked at her as she tried in vain to entice him to come back to get the other one,  turned and raced off into the woods.  Chuckit – no Luckit.  He was G-O-N-E.  She could spy the bright orange color as he darted around the woods.  And she followed in hot pursuit.  There was NO WAY she was going to loose that toy within the first hour.  She finally found it – and watched as the FG took off down the trail.  She finally managed to catch up with him and grab him by the collar and put him on a leash.  NOW he wanted to play fetch.  Too late.  Game over.

Well it’s Monday.  A new day,  full of opportunity and the potential for adventure.  I hope yours is sunny side up!

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