Sometimes when tough things in life happen, humans have to draw strength from powers outside themselves.  In our household,  that power comes from faith and prayer.  And we truly believe that faith can move mountains.  For others, that power comes from a belief in the mysteries of the universe.  For others, that power comes from other humans.  A perfect example of this was the story of Cooper, a goldendoodle from Halifax who made headlines this week.  Cooper was taking a little vacation – his humans were going south – so they were flying Cooper to Newfoundland to stay with family there.  Guess he was going to see the icebergs.  Anyway, somebody at the airport goofed – and Cooper ended up flying the opposite direction – to Hamilton, Ontario.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, some well-intentioned  airline employee took Cooper out for a pee – and Cooper escaped.  Sounds familiar.   We certainly know about escapees in this household.  Anyway, Cooper was missing for more than 24 hours!  The airline flew his humans to Hamilton to join in the search.  And they were not alone.  Scores of searches and several rescue groups came out to help.  They scoured the area around the airport.  A rescue group armed with drones was on the way – when Cooper was found.  It was the power of those humans working together – and no doubt, lots of prayers as well – that resulted in a happy ending to this story.

So we have the power of faith, the power of the universe, the power of other humans – and one other huge one – that we can’t forget.  And you, of course, know what THAT is.  Think about it.  What is God – spelled backward?

Give your dog a big hug today – because we have very special power that can give you strength.  Very special indeed.  Even when we steal bananas…

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