Dog psychic abilities. And prayers…

So it appears the worst of the poop issues is over.  Although last night my human DID hear some unsavory sounds when she took me out before bed – and I did have a few remnants on my butt.  Again.  But overall, or should I say, BUTT overall, I am much better and things are moving along beautifully. 

We have come to the conclusion this week that I am my human’s overt stress barometer.  I know when she is stressed – and as a result, I start doing strange things.  Like eating whole bananas and then having the poops.  Or perhaps – even having seizures.

As some of you may recall, last fall when I was having my initial period of seizures, my human’s mother was in the hospital.   My human was stressed – and frankly, I was stressed.   They have actually done studies that show we dogs pay attention to humans’ feelings and we may actually exhibit empathy.  They wonder if we dogs can pick up on the cortisol levels of humans who are feeling stressed.

This week, my human’s mother has again been in the hospital.  And honestly – she needs every prayer, good thought and positive wish that she can get.  And isn’t it interesting that I have picked up on this whole thing.  So I stole the bananas.  And while I seem to be the most in tune to the situation, Einstein and the FG also realize there is something going on.  We just react differently.  I’m reactive, Einstein is cranky and the FG is EXTRA cuddly.  We dogs are like psychics. We should start doing fortune telling as a sideline.

So today I ask you for prayers and positive thoughts.  And I promise NOT to eat any more bananas or steal anything off the counter.  For a least a day.  Or maybe two.  At most.  OK three.  But that’s it.  Maybe.


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