OK. OK.  So the pillowcase caused some gastric issues.  Resulting in many half baths.  Or so my human thought…

So the other day, my human came home from work to again find that someone, namely me, had an “accident” in the house.  Well,  a trail in the house.  She’s had a few rough days of late – with work and some other things – so coming home to poop was not a great sight.  In a moment of madness, she opened the door and let all of us out to run around.  She went to get a mop and bucket but before she started the clean up job, she came outside to get us.  Gone.  All three of us.  She had a sinking feeling where we had gone – to the new neighbors’ place.  She trudged through another neighbors’ property and sure enough – there we all were. I was pooping in the flower garden bed.  The FG was racing through the beds, and Einstein was doubled over trying to poop.  And clearly having problems.  He was even squeaking as things were not “moving” as he wanted.  The neighbor came out and said Einstein had been standing and struggling for some time.  WHAT could HE have gotten into?  My human apologized profusely, and by now had captured Elroy who was on a long line and she had put me on a leash.  She had to drag Einstein along because he was suspended in poop purgatory.  She was also trying to pick up any poop she thought was ours – I’m not sure how she grew that extra arm.  Anyway, we all managed to go back to the house.  Because she knew Einstein was going to require some major poop excision from his coat, for some ODD reason, she tied me and the FG to the front post…

Cleaning Einstein was NO easy task.  He had sat down in his effort to rid himself of the load and in the process, smashed a fist sized amount of poop into the hair on his butt.  The excision in the dog bath tub with rubber gloves took about 20 minutes.  Keep in mind, she STILL had poop in the house to clean up, and I had a few cling-ons still as well.  So she put Einstein in the front hall and came out to get me and the FG.  She found me.  And a leash that had been chewed in half.   The FG was racing wildly around the yard.  It was at that point that she screamed into the heavens “PLEASE – ENOUGH!!!”   She whisked me in and I got a QUICK cleaning, and she then went out to capture the FG.  Who was bolting around having a ball.  She finally did and marched him into the hall.  She then proceeded to clean the floor.  And area carpet.

The next day she noticed something on the carpet.  It appeared to be kind of “woody” but she didn’t know where it came from.  I was still having gastric issues so she called the vet who was going to prescribe something for me.  She THOUGHT it was still from the pillowcase…

Anyway, yesterday morning,  I think we solved the reason for my gastric issues…My human went to have a banana for breakfast.  And mysteriously, 3 or was it 4, ENTIRE bananas were G-O-N-E.   Yup.  I helped myself.  Peels and all.   Oh.  And I DID share one with Einstein.  So that explains his poop fiasco…

Sometimes you might as well laugh – because sometimes poop just happens.

Have a good one.

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