Tricoliths. Really.

Well it’s Friday.  And I must say, my human is very happy it is.  VERY happy.  Let’s just say it has been a challenging week in many ways – so let’s just be glad it’s over and let the weekend begin!  Although she DID say something about all of us being overdue for a good grooming – so it may not be as joyful a weekend as I’m hoping for!

Today is actually National Hairball Awareness Day – and frankly it’s not a topic I REALLY feel like writing about.  I mean really, who wants to talk about tricholiths or trichobezoars?  That’s the “technical” term for hairballs.  One thing I did learn – that although people think of the hairball problem as a cat thing, dogs CAN get them too.  We tend to get them if we lick ourselves a lot – like if we are itchy or bored, if we are shedding and not well groomed, or if we eat other animals – like that bunny in the yard.  Hairballs CAN cause an obstruction in our gastrointestinal tract and the symptoms may include repeated attempts to cough or vomit, constipation, diarrhea, or a loss of appetite.  If our stomach appears bloated, we have a significant problem.  Sometimes hairballs can be “helped along” by giving us petroleum jelly or pumpkin.  In some cases, the problem COULD actually require surgery.  Luckily it’s not a COMMON problem in dogs – but I guess it’s important to know it CAN happen.

There.  I can’t believe I just had a blog about hairballs.  Well I guess I’ve talked about poop enough times, that hairballs aren’t THAT far a stretch!

Wishing all of you a happy – non-hairy weekend! 

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