The Dog Tree

Well – the dog tree is up.  Yes.  We have a dog tree.  Among other trees.  This one has all dog ornaments.  It has dog leashes from the dreaded Dollar Store for garland, and it is also bedecked in dog show ribbons.  My human has a big box of ribbons – but these are just a few – from Frodo, me and some of the dogs who came before us.  The FG doesn’t have any ribbons.  Yet.

The dog tree started as a little tree that my human would cut on our property.  A Charlie Brown type tree.  But as the collection grew, the Charlie Brown trees couldn’t hold the ornaments – so the artificial tree is now used.  We have ornaments for lots of different breeds – we don’t discriminate.  But we didn’t have a Picard before – so you KNOW my human had to get one this year.  

So we are all on the tree.  

The only thing that would complete the dog tree would be if one of us peed on it.  But something tells me that may not be a bright idea.  Besides, if we are going to pee on a tree, might as well wait until she gets the real one.  Probably next weekend.  So that means another weekend of being sequestered for periods of time while she lugs boxes into the DFZ.  I’m the lucky one who was able to get into the DFZ to take the photo.  And the first thing I did?  Tried to pull that terrier off the tree.  And trust me – if I get in the DFZ – he’s coming down.

Time to get back my Santa letter(s).  ‘Tis the season!  Stay tuned!

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