Elroy lost it

So Monday my human was off. Which meant extra long morning walks.  The FG went first.  He has the smallest bladder.  Mind you maybe not when you look at the size of him.  Anyway, he was wearing his trusty “Freedom” harness.  Which I have talked about before.  He walks quite nicely with that harness – it has been a miracle. However, sometimes miracles come to an end…

So when they headed out at the crack of dawn it was still not fully light out – the sun wasn’t all the way up.  AND, as often happens at this time of the year, the driveway had a THIN coat of misty ice on it.  Which obviously can be slippery.  Now my human is EXTRA cautious in such conditions – remember the broken wrist two years ago.  So she walked along slowly, and the FG was walking just great with his harness.  Once they got up to the road, the walking was actually easier – so off they went.  They took the trail through the woods and then decided to go for a walk on the golf course.  And that’s when all heck broke loose.  Suddenly, the FG decided that he wanted freedom from the Freedom harness.  So he started biting his leash.  And pulling on his leash.  My human instructed him to stop and gave him a treat.  After which he started again.  And again.  And AGAIN.  My human could NOT walk two feet without him yanking and biting on the leash.  She could instruct him to sit – which he would do, she would give him a treat and say “let’s go”, and the biting again began.  He was leaping and spinning – like some kind of strange circus routine.  Gone bad.  And THEN he decided he WANTED her mittens.  Honestly – it was like he was possessed. My human just stood there, exasperated and not sure how to move.  It was a LONG slow walk home.  Stop.  Sit. Treat.  Step. Walk. Sit.  Treat.   They finally got back to our driveway and my human breathed a sigh of relief.  But the best was yet to come.  You see, the FG gets to carry the newspaper to the house every day.  And keep in mind that he was STILL feeling possessed.  AND the driveway was still slippery.  So here he is – flipping the paper in the air,  sliding to get it, while my human is walking on the gravel along the side of the driveway.  He had never flipped that paper the way he did that day. Grab. Toss. Slide.  Grab.  Shake. Toss.  Slide.   With a woman who was moving like she had lead shoes.

By the time she got back to the house, she looked at Frodo and I and said “You HAVE to be good.”  And of course WE were.  Even posing to take photos.  

Who would ever have believed we would see the day when I’M the good dog?!  Maybe it’s a new miracle….

Have a good one!

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