Weather. And Asian pears.

It has begun.  We got our first taste of winter weather yesterday.  My human thought it odd that we allowed her to sleep in until ALMOST 7 AM.  And when she got up – she realized why.  There was a cold, wet snow coming down.  The heavy wet kind that that is actually good for making snowmen – but that’s about it.

When the FG saw the stuff his brain exploded.  WHAT the heck was THIS???  My human couldn’t get a photo – as her phone would have gotten all wet – so she just watched the sense of amazement on the FG’s face.  They went for a walk and he came back in, wet but energized.

As opposed to the Polish Lowland Fair Weather Dogs.  My human opened the door, Frodo took one look and put on the brakes.  I wasn’t THAT bad.  But I could hear Frodo grumbling something about spending winters in Florida.  He walked as if he was 693 years old.  In dog years.  And of course, he refused to poop.  I did MY thing, but Frodo needed an extra long walk – which only made him even MORE grumpy.  When he FINALLY made his deposit, he shook himself off and THEN happily trotted back to the house.

So if the snow wasn’t enough of a novelty for the FG, my human had to add something ELSE new.  She hadn’t done our grocery shopping yet, and we were out of bananas.  So she gave us pieces of Asian pear.  A new treat.  Which meant he had to do the chew and spit routine.  It took him forever to eat it.  While Frodo and I munched away.

She has begun the marathon Christmas decorating explosion.  Which mean the DFZ (dog free zone) will be well secured so no one can take ornaments off the tree and destroy them.  Like last year…

Tis the season!  Enjoy!


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