Presidential pets….

So I think someone from the Washington Post must be reading my blog.  Remember how I’ve been saying that President-Elect Trump should get a dog?  Well – they said the same thing!!  It appears that this is the first time in 150 years that the President will not have some type of pet.  I’ve talked before about the variety of pets that have been owned by Presidents – even back to George Washington – who had dogs, horses, a donkey and a parrot.  There have been more unusual pets -like Thomas Jefferson’s bear cubs, John Adam’s alligator, Benjamin Harrison’s opossums, Teddy Roosevelt’s pig, garter snake and hyena, Calvin Coolidge’s pygmy hippopotamus and raccoons.  Coolidge and Roosevelt seemed to have the longest lists of pets.  In more recent times, the typical pets were dogs and cats.

If Trump WERE to get a pet, I’m not sure what I would pick for him. If it was a cat…hmmmm…..what kind of cat is Grumpy Cat?  There IS a resemblance there – and they do say that pets look like the humans they own..  Google Grumpy Cat and you’ll see what I mean…

As for a dog breed.  Geez – I have to be extra careful with this one.  But if looking for resemblance – Chinese Crested wins hands down.  The hair does it.  Can’t you just see the President-Elect walking one around the grounds of the White House?!  Those Belgian Malinois security dogs wouldn’t know WHAT to do.  They would have to build a wall just to keep the Crested protected…

It’s Sunday – time to get my human moving.  Have a great one!

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