We refuse to smile.

Well. It’s that time of year.  The Halloween costumes have been put in storage, and we KNOW what comes next.  Thankfully, we didn‘t dress as turkeys or pilgrims for the US Thanksgiving.  But you KNOW what she is going to drag out.  Those dreaded antlers.  And if that’s not bad enough – she went to the Dollar Store the other day

She attempted to take some preliminary holiday photos on Monday.  Let’s just put it this way, Elroy IS Paxton reincarnated.  Paxton detested holiday photo shoots.  My human had to do everything she could to get his attention.  And guess who is following in his pawprints?  My human didn’t even TRY to put holiday attire on him.  It was no use.  Frodo and I sat like stuffed toys while the FG raced around the yard like a deflated Jolly Ball.  Here is a photo of us watching him race by…. 

Frodo and I posed.  But we refused to smile.  And no matter how hard she tried, my human could NOT get us to smile.  We preferred the serious holiday pose.  Truth be told – we just didn’t FEEL like posing.  She didn’t have exciting treats, and hey – if the FG didn’t have to stay still, why did we?  The first photo you see is without holiday attire – during a RARE stationary moment with the FG.  It didn’t last long. I think my human managed to get two shots with the three of us that were not blurry.  Here are a few bloopers courtesy of guess who.

After she finally gave up, we headed back to go in the house.  And Frodo and I BOTH displayed our feelings about having holiday photo shoots with crappy treats – we peed on the Christmas floral display my human had arranged by the front door.  “Hey” – she shouted at Frodo.  “Don’t pee there!!!”  At which point I walked over and did the same thing.  

That’s what she gets for starting this puparazzi routine before December.  I suppose I had better be careful though – I soon have to start my letter – make that LETTER-S to Santa, and we all know about this naughty and nice thing.  Time to start making nice.  This is going to be difficult…

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