Thank goodness…

Today is a day of thanks in the US.  A day to be happy and grateful.  Unless you are a turkey.  Did you know more than 46 MILLION turkeys will be eaten today?! And the average weight of one of those birds is 15 lbs.  One source said that the largest turkey ever raised was 86 lbs.  That’s more than me and Frodo put together.  Turkeys can supposedly see movement at 100 yards away and while wild turkeys can run 20 MPH, it’s obviously not fast enough to get away on Thanksgiving.  We dogs can eat turkey – but keep the helping light and hold the gravy -or we COULD end up with stomach upset.

There are dogs that hunt for turkeys.  Apparently the dogs go in and break up a flock of turkeys, giving the hunter the chance to call and shoot one of them.  While some spaniels are trained for this type of hunting there is some breed called an Appalachian turkey dog- which is a mix of an English pointer, English setter and plot hound and they are specifically bred for turkey hunting.  Better them than me.

So today is the big day.  Of course, I have much to be thankful for…like a home and a bed and full dog food bowl and fresh water and treats and toys and bunnies to chase and of course my blog!  But the two biggest things I’m thankful for today?  That I’m not a turkey AND that they don’t sell turkey suits at the Dollar Store.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American family and friends!  Have a good one!

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