Cheers to ears!

We have lift off!  It looks like the FG’s ears are up again.  THANK goodness. The suspense was killing me.

He had the funny looking antennae ears for over a week.  The tape came off a bit early because he REALLY didn’t care for them while my human was away.  But he went to the Vet again for a re-check and now he just has to exercise his ears to keep those muscles strong – and to keep those ears up! So the Vet told my human she would have to make all kinds of funny sounds and noises – so he will pick up his ears.  I can JUST imagine what this place is going to sound like.  Because you KNOW – Frodo and I will bark if she makes odd sounds.  Well, Frodo anyway.  I should audio record “a day in the life.”

I still think his ears look too big for his head.   But if he grows any more – I’m really in trouble.  My human DID get to see me semi-play with the FG yesterday.  It all started because I had an unsightly case of the cling-ons – and my human needed to wash my butt in the tub.  Sorry for the description – but heck, you are most likely dog people and you are well aware that poop happens.  Anyway, when I came in from the garage – with my wet butt – I went CRAZY running around.  Which got the FG all excited.  We played a game of chase and attack under the dining room table.  The FG is VERY submissive when it comes to me – which I guess is fine.  Anyway, I did stop from our “attack and run mode” to lick his ears for a few seconds.  All under the watchful eyes of my human.  She wants very much for us to get along – and I do think we are getting there. 

Well time to start working on my letters.  Have a great day and cheers to ears!

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