Life IS a ball…

So on Saturday, my human got home.  Our dog sitter had left about an hour before my human got back because she had an appointment. She made arrangements with my human to stop by on Sunday to pick up her danger pay.  

When she popped in, she mentioned that on Saturday night, she was dog sitting for a Newfoundland dog.  As she remarked how QUIET and low key he was.  On a scale of 1-10 for energy and excitability, she said he was a “one.”  And then she just looked at us.  And said WE were a BIT higher than that.  Whatever do you think she meant?!  I’m low key.  And so are Frodo and Elroy.  When we are asleep.  Which is rare, mind you…No doubt we have earned a special place in her journal of dog sitting experiences…

And speaking of experiences…my human was at it again.  Remember the giant exercise ball?  The one that Elroy adored.  Until he deflated it by biting it?  Well, her royal genius HAD to get another big ball for him.  THIS time, she got a ball that can be used for horses.  AND she bought a protective covering for it.  So it would be LESS likely to be ripped.  In theory. 

So she gets the thing in the mail and it comes with this little foot pump.  Pump is a bit of a misnomer- it’s like a little plastic accordion – and it has a little plastic hose that is SUPPOSED to attache SOMEHOW to the ball.  After repeated attempts to keep the thing attached and after repeated foot stomping, the ball was less than 1/100th full.  And every time my human squeezed the “pump” – Frodo barked like crazy.  And Elroy jumped around – interested but not so sure about this thing that was blowing air.  Ever so slowly.  So then my human got the idea to try one of her bicycle pumps.  Sounds like a good idea, but the ball would still not stay attached.  So THEN, she decided to try our dog blow dryer.  The one with the jet engine.  The one that could blow a chihuahua 50 feet off a grooming table.  So she took the ball into the garage – while Frodo continued to bark.  And Elroy continued to jump around.  And I just watched the circus.  Well.  Let me tell you that when my human held that ball up to the rocket blower, that ball filled up in .07 seconds.  Magic.  And she quickly stopped for fear of causing the thing to explode.  Wouldn’t THAT have been a sight?  So she comes in from the garage all proud of herself.  Elroy has now figured out it is another giant ball – so his BRAIN explodes.  But before he can play with it, my human has to put on the protective covering.  Dum da dum dum.  For SOME reason, she thought the thing would have like a huge zipper in it.  And she would wrap it around the ball.  BUT – she NOW opens THAT package and discovers that the hole is small.  Like 6 inches wide.  NOW she reads the instructions – which indicate that the DEFLATED ball goes in the covering FIRST and THEN you inflate it.  Genius I tell ya.  Sheer genius.  So NOW she has to take the peg out, and deflate the ball.  While Frodo barks.  And Elroy jumps around. Deflating the thing took a whole lot longer than inflating it with the dryer.  While Frodo barks.  And Elroy jumps around.  

Once it was fully deflated, she again took it into the garage and used the dryer.  And voila – the thing was filled and ready for play.  Elroy pushed it around and barked at it.  Here’s a very short video of him beginning to play with it.

I still think that if he gets REALLY excited about playing with it, we COULD hear that familiar deflation sound.  Wonder what else we could put under that protective cover….

My human and her “ideas.”  Good thing we love her.   She is a never ending source of entertainment.  Hey – kind of like me!  Let’s face it – in our house, life IS a ball!

Have a good one!

One thought on “Life IS a ball…

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