And in the news….

Time for some news from the world of dogs.  Here’s a bad news – good news story.  It seems that in Idaho, a police dog was shot in the line of duty.  That’s the bad news.  The good news – because two dogs donated blood,  the police dog was able to undergo surgery and it looks like he is going to be OK.  Tail wags for a Golden Retriever and a Pit Bull who donated.  What a good idea!

There’s this strange new thing that humans are doing called a Mannequin challenge.  They basically create a “freeze frame” and don’t move.  And then someone videotapes them acting frozen.  Why?  I don’t know.  It’s something to do.  Go figure.  You know I always say humans are strange.  More evidence… In this particular example, it was not the HUMANS who were remarkable – it was the DOG.  Check it out!

Let me be perfectly clear on this one – there is not a CHANCE that you will catch the three dogs in THIS household in a Mannequin Challenge.  Do you have ANY idea how hard it is JUST to get us to stay still for .6 seconds to take a photo?  Yeah – no Mannequin Challenges happening here!

And finally, former President George Bush and his wife Laura are the proud owners of a new puppy.  In the past they were owned by two Scottish terriers – one of whom bit a member of the Press Corps.  Oopsie.  Their new canine kid, whose name is Freddy came from a shelter.  It seems the Bushes visited an Animal Care center to thank them for their work – and voila – they fell in love.  No matter what you think of George – I always say any President who has a dog can’t be ALL bad. Perhaps the President -Elect might want to pay a visit to that shelter too….

Have a good one!!!

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