She is back. And the sitter survived.

So my human is back.  And there was much rejoicing when she came in.  Not that we didn’t love Nicole – she was awesome – but of course we are happy to have our human home.

And it’s not EXACTLY like Nicole had an easy couple of days….For one thing, it started raining the moment my human left.  And never stopped.  So.  That cut our walks short.  She tried to brush Frodo and me because, as she said, we were looking like a couple of Trolls with the damp weather. It was a futile battle.

And then we had the whole Paxton thing…

We keep referring to the fact that Elroy has so many Paxisms. It’s like the goofy Bernese has returned – in the shape of a goofy Picard.  Unfortunately, one of Paxton’s behaviours returned – and it wasn’t so cute and goofy.  You see, whenever my human would go away, even though Pax LOVED our sitter and he was completely unstressed in his outward appearance, his innards were not so unstressed.  So he routinely got the poops.  So you guessed it.  Elroy got the poops.  He was FINE in every other way – but he required some extra walks  in the middle of the night. 

But despite that, Nicole said we were VERY good – and she wouldn’t hesitate to look after us again.  I think my human must have paid her some danger pay…

My human brought us some special treats as guilt gifts – but unfortunately we haven’t sampled them yet!!!! She didn’t want to give Elroy anything that could further upset his digestion- and she didn’t want to give us the treats in front of him.  I think she takes this fairness thing a bit TOO far sometimes.  But I’m sure we’ll be having those treats soon enough.

So all is back to normal in our home again.  She hasn’t seen me play with Elroy yet – but Nicole had photo evidence to prove that it DID happen.  I’m just playing it cool for now.  I mean we are all a BIT ticked off that she didn’t take us with her – so after our initial showering of kisses and mad leaping and jumping, we are all actually being a bit cool.  Except Frodo.  He just stands and barks at my human.  He’s basically telling her off. 

I think she will have to take us for SOME EXTRA walks today and she better get her throwing arm ready for those retrieving toys.  But you know of course, while we MAY look cool about her being back – inside our hearts are pretty darn happy. And we would have been that way – even without the guilt gifts!

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