Summertime safety

It’s that time of the year.  Summer is almost officially here.  It’s the time of year when the temperatures get hot.  And humans need to be reminded NOT to leave their dogs in cars.  Really.  Anyone who needs to be reminded probably shouldn’t even be owned by a dog.

Do you know that on a 78 degree day, the temperatures in a car can go to 100 – 120 degrees in less than 15 minutes?!  A dog can quickly suffer heatstroke – or even worse – can die.

One of the large shopping malls in our area hires “Pet Patrol” staff.  These people walk around the parking lots and check for pets in cars.  I think it’s a BRILLIANT idea.   Many areas are beginning to impose fines on owners if their dogs are left in a hot car – and owners can be charged with animal cruelty.  

If you see a dog who appears to be in distress, you can call the police.  If it looks like time is running out, you should probably attempt to break a window.  The best bet is a side window – as the front window is made differently and is stronger.  Look for a heavy object like a rock, or brick or piece of cement.  Some videos on-line show how to break a window with a piece of ceramic from a spark plug – but my question is: Who has the hammer handy to break the spark plug?  And if you DO have a hammer, why not use THAT on the window?  The point is, you may have to break that window – and using your hands alone will be pretty impossible.

Another thing about summer heat – we dogs like to ride with our heads out a car window.  While it may look cute and it will give us an interesting hairdo, keep in mind that we can get things in our eyes while riding like this.  So it’s not really advisable.  I SUPPOSE we can do it if we like to wear goggles….  Count me out.

And lastly, don’t allow us dogs to ride loose in the back of an open truck. In some areas, people can be issued a ticket for this dangerous practice.   If Velcro dog is even in the back seat of the car, my human has to use the child locks on the automatic windows – as he figured out how to open them.  Obviously, for long drives, we use a crate!

So those are my summer suggestions.  It’s not quite summer on the calendar – but not to soon to consider these safety issues.  Really -these suggestions are not for MY regular blog readers – as you are smart enough to know this stuff.  But maybe you can pass it on to those people who are owned by dogs – but probably should have sea monkeys instead…

Have a good one!

©  Linda Wozniak

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