Humans are weird. I present more evidence.

Humans.  Seriously sometimes I look at you and really wonder about you.  You honestly do some very strange things.  Take for example this thing called the Indianapolis 500.  It’s a big auto race in the US.  It was held this past weekend.  And LOADS of people go to watch it.  And watch in on TV too.  They watch cars go around a track.  Around.  And around.  200 times.  200 times.  I mean who thought of that:  Let’s drive around and around – for 500 miles.  Won’t that be interesting?!  If I went around in circles 200 times, I would be taken to the Vet for medication.

And this thing called the Stanley Cup.  The hockey championship.  Does the hockey season EVER end?  I mean, I THINK when hockey began 1000 years ago, it was a winter sport.  WINTER.  Well guess what?  Humans are STILL playing – and it’s the end of MAY.  This hockey season will end, they will take a break for a few weeks and the pre-season will begin.  I don’t get it.

And the salaries that you pay professional athletes.  Holy moly.    The people who make some of the greatest salaries on earth get paid for playing games.  Really. Yes we dogs can play sports too.  But I’m thinking the biggest prizes are NOT in the multi-million dollar range.  We generally win a 50 cent ribbon.   Seriously.  I wish I could get someone to pay me for retrieving a ball.  Just THINK of all the biscuits I could buy….

So those are my observations for today.  And humans think they are smarter than us canines.  I’m not so sure….

©  Linda Wozniak

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