Opening soon: the Viksonian.

May 5.  Today is Museum Lover’s Day.  Now I’ve already talked about a museum that is on my human’s Bucket List – the American Museum of the Dog in St. Louis.   IMAGINE – a museum of ALL things dog.  She will get there some day.  And she better take us.
But in my search today, I found information about another dog related museum. This one is literally a work in progress.  It seems an artist by the name of Mark Barone, is painting 5500 portraits of shelter dogs – to raise awareness about the 5500 dogs who die daily in shelters in the US.  He sells prints of the portraits and the funds raised go to shelters and rescue organizations in 50 states.  His dream is to create a “Museum of Compassion” to house the portraits, which will also be a place of education about the amazing bond between humans and animals and to promote compassion for rescuing animals.  He has apparently even teamed up with Yale University on this project – and PBS has done a documentary on his work.  To read more about it, check the website:
I also found ANOTHER dog museum – the Kennel Club Art gallery in London, England – which houses the largest collection of dog paintings in Europe. the big question – do they have one of a PON?!  
And if you live in New England, you have just a bit more time to go to an Exhibit at the Springfield Museum in Massachusetts – Wolf to Woof: The Story of Dogs.  I want our museum to bring in this one!  Watch for it in your city – if you are LUCKY! And if you can’t find it – here is a short video about what the exhibit is like:
And who KNEW there was a National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, Tennessee? Yup.  For all you sporting Dog enthusiasts:
My human has enough dog-related “stuff” in this house – we could start our own museum.  Although, apparently there is an exhibit in Waco, Texas of one couple’s collection of dog stuff and it has over 7,000 items.  So MAYBE they have my human beat.  But by just a few items.  Yup – I want us to open a museum, and the admission will be dog treats.  And of course, I’ll be collecting the fees.  And I can run the educational programs on how to train humans.  I’ll call it the Viksonian.  When do we start?  
 Have a great day!  As always, I will!

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