Viktor’s Adventure Tours

May 6.  Today is National Tourist Appreciation Day.  And living in a place where we get LOTS of tourists – I can DEFINITELY send out thanks to all those people who come to visit Nova Scotia.  Here’s a small sample of what tourists see:
 And I invite others to come! I will be your tour guide.  Viktor’s Adventure Tours.  With a stop at the Viksonian.

So why come to Nova Scotia?  Well – we have Peggy’s Cove – a landmark fishing village with its iconic lighthouse, not a 30 minute drive from us!  Here I am at Peggy’s Cove:

Nova Scotia has so many lovely spots – from the farming area of the Valley, with its orchards and vineyards – to the ship building towns of the South Shore.  We also have the highest tides in the world.  And one of THE most picturesque drives in the world – the famous Cabot Trail.  Where mountains meet the sea. 

Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin – and we sure have lots of Scottish history and culture here.  Want to see some Highland Games?  We have them.  The games include something called the caber toss – which would be VERY hard for a dog to retrieve.  But still fun to watch!

Now if that isn’t enough reason to visit – we also have LOTS of dog shows and events.  Every month from February to November, there is a show going on somewhere in Nova Scotia!

And of course, Nova Scotia has LOTS of beautiful parks and trails where you can walk your dog.  There are loads of dog friendly accommodations around the province too – you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to stay. 

So have I convinced you to come and visit?  Remember, I’ll be here waiting.  And don’t forget to bring the treats!  And if you contact the tourism people, remember to tell them that Viktor sent you.  Viktor the PON!

Have a happy Friday!

©  Linda Wozniak

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