Prime Ministers and bunnies

May 4.  On this day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the UK.  Now I’m not a political kind of dog, so I won’t go into whether or not I liked Maggie’s politics, but this much I do know:  although she was dubbed the Iron Lady for her tough exterior and uncompromising leadership style – it seems she DID have a soft spot.  For dogs! I found that she had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – and maybe other dogs too.  In her later years, she would sit on a park bench and happily greet dogs as they came along.

Maggie was the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century.  The current PM David Cameron has a cat.  Seems to me if you want the job for a long time, get a dog.  Just my observation.

Last night I regained my title as Find the Bunny C-H-A-M-P.  We played indoors but my human continues to make the hiding spots more and more difficult.  Velcro dog got to play first. And truth be told, he was a BIT cheeky with my human.  He would wait while she hid the bunny, and once he was instructed to find him – he would bark like CRAZY.  But that wasn’t the cheeky part.  He would bring the bunny back and exchange him for a treat. At which point my human would instruct him to sit and wait while she hid the bunny again.  But Velcro dog was B-A-D.  When my human said “sit,” he would either bark OR click his teeth at her.  And then he would just stand there.  He’s been in a “sitting protest mode” lately.  So she would say “sit” again.  And he would stare at her like she had just said something in Swahili.  At which point she would “give him the mad face” and he would sit.  This went on EVERY time he brought the bunny back.  His game went on for 3 hours.  OK.  Maybe not that long, but it felt like it.

Then it was my turn.  And I, on the other hand, sat INSTANTLY.  And I QUICKLY found every bunny hiding place.  EVERY one.  However…how do I say this…the bunny has some new surgical incisions.  Compliments of moi.  I DON’T like to give him up. So although I am faster than lightning at finding him…well I had better be careful or Mr. Bunny will be requiring some major suturing.  Maybe my human will have to travel back to England to find another bunny. And hey – maybe she could visit with the Prime Minister while she’s there.  Nah.  He has a cat.

Have a good one.

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