May 3.  According to the Crazy Calendar, today is National Lumpy Rug Day.  I guess it is supposed to be a day to appreciate nice non-lumpy rugs.  Who comes up with these ideas?  Anyway, I THOUGHT it was a day all about Velcro dog.  The KING of lumpy rugs.  Frodo LOVES to ball up rugs.  And we have this raised bed – the ONLY bed we have YET to destroy.  And the fleece cover of the bed is attached on four corners to the legs of the bed.  Frodo tries with ALL his might to make that bed lumpy.  He scratches and digs until my human yells “STOP.” She KNOWS he will eventually rip one of those corners, and then it’s all over.  But that’s not the really weird part about this lumpy rug/bed thing.  He digs that same way at the tile floor.  Like he could make IT lumpy.  And my human thinks HE is the smart one?!

Today is also National Specially-abled Pets Day.  A day to celebrate those pets who may not have the exact skills that all of us do, but who still live active, happy lives.  I searched for the perfect videos to illustrate this – and here are two that I really like.  I hope you will too!

In this video – but you MAY want to turn down the sound…if you don’t want your dogs to go crazy!

So a day to celebrate lumps.  Rug lumps and overcoming life’s lumps!  I hope YOUR day is far from lumpy!

© Linda Wozniak

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