Let’s play ball

Well. It snowed again. And of course, we HAD to go out and take more photos.  But THIS time, Paxton and I had to stay on leash.  And my human took each of us for a walk separately.  The “good” dog, Saint Frodo, got to run OFF leash.  He runs on the trail, waits for my human – and well – he BEHAVES.  He sits when he is told to sit – even when she shouts it from a distance.  Paxton and I have to be convinced to sit (by proof that my human has a treat) and even then, when she backs up to take a photo, we stand up.  Or in my case, I bury my nose in the snow.  Then the treat promise starts all over again.  Paxton and I are just a little unsure what that word “stay” means.  Stay in this spot?  Stay without moving a muscle?  Or just stay in the vicinity? I wish my human would clarify the instruction.

So because of the stormy weather, we played with another new toy from Santa.  It’s basically a ball that has two holes in it to dispense treats when it rolls.  I liked it.  It dispenses at a good rate.  We also got a chance with the new Pyramid again.  When playing with these – we do it one at a time.  I had fun, and Paxton had fun – although he finds the tasks rather boring.  He plays, walks around the room to see if any treats have rolled elsewhere, walks back to the toy and plays again.  But Frodo.  Well – Saint Frodo has a NEW name.  Frenzied Frodo.  Frantically Frenzied Frodo.  The treat ball got down to ONE treat left inside.  And he could hear it rolling around.  So he was rolling it LIKE CRAZY everywhere.  And that last treat wouldn’t come out.  So he started barking at it.  LIKE CRAZY.  He was OUT OF CONTROL.  He was basically having a little temper tantrum with the ball.  And whenever my human would try to stop him, he rolled it faster and wouldn’t let her catch him.  Or the ball.  He was SO mad at that ball.  Finally my human HAD to stop him – and caught him on a fly by.  She took out the last treat and gave it to him.  So he still “won” the game.

Excuse me while I go and bug my human to play something.  Isn’t life a ball?!

©  Linda Wozniak

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