Winter Wonderland. Not.

WARNING:  Content includes GROSS dog behavior.

OK.  So we had the snow. And the NEW plow guy came.  The OLD plow guy retired after last winter.  Wonder why?  Perhaps because he got stuck in OUR driveway twice and had to call a tow truck to get him out.  Perhaps, because he finally just gave up coming to clear the luge run.  Perhaps because it was a HORRID winter – and everyone was angry with their plow guys – as if they caused the winter weather. That would do it.  The new guy seems nice and enthusiastic.  Or he did back in October when my human met him and he surveyed our driveway.  It all looks great.  When there is no snow.

Anyway, the new guy DID come.  But then it snowed more.  Not enough to plow again.  But enough that it wouldn’t melt – and would form a luge run IF we get the rain they have forecast for later this week.  So my human went out and pushed off some of the snow.  Enough to exhaust her.  And then she made the supreme mistake.  She figured that since she was already garbed in snow attire – why not let us out to take some photos.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get some snow photos?  WRONGO.

First, I refused to sit still.  I kept burying my face in the snow.  And rolling in the snow.  And licking the snow.  I was admittedly, OUT OF CONTROL.  

SOMEHOW – she did manage to capture a few shots.  And then we moved onto the trail. Rounding us up to take ANOTHER photo was torture.  But my human IS persuasive – and determined – and she DID have some decent treats.  But once she ran out of treats– we knew it – and the photo shoot was OVER.  Not only was the shoot over – we ran away.  All three of us.  Into the woods.  Of COURSE, Frodo came back.  But not me.  Or Paxton.  We headed through the woods to the neighbor’s house.  My human stormed into the house, got in the car and drove to the neighbor’s.  And there we were – just dashing UP their driveway.  My human didn’t say a WORD – just opened the hatch on the car and we jumped in.  Then she drove us home, opened the garage door, pulled the car in and shut the door.  She THEN opened the side door to the garage – which leads to the outdoor dog run and then opened the car door.  Out we bounded, barking and happy.  We raced into the run and then we realized – we were busted.  My human said “if you want to stay outside – perhaps you can stay here for a bit.”  And she stormed in the house.   Now although she initially planned to leave us out there for 3 weeks – her guilt overcame her in 3 minutes and she came to let us in.  She opened the door and there was Pax.  But where was I?  She stepped out – into the snow – and saw me intently eating something.  She raced over in the snow – in her stocking feet and pulled me away from my bounty.  And she realized what it was.  You see – when Paxton goes out in the snow – he eats it.  I mean he REALLY eats it.  A LOT.  Until he…well he….pukes.  So there I was having the buffet compliments of Paxton.  Sorry – I know it’s gross – but I DID warn you!  Now for all my human knows – I may have even provided the buffet myself – but she figures it was most likely Pax.  We were both dragged into the house and sequestered in the front hall.  While Frodo walked around the house.  Free as a bird.  What a show off.

So that was our FIRST winter adventure.  And think – it’s just the beginning!!! Never a dull moment in OUR house.  

© Linda Wozniak

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