That makes scents…

On our morning walk.  BEFORE the snow started!

Well we DID get the snow.  It didn’t start when they said it would – but that’s no surprise.   My human laughs when she looks at this weather forecasting link on her phone and it says things like “Snow will start at 8:10.”  It’s funny when you think that someone probably had to type in that info.  And the likelihood that it would be correct is like 1 in 43.8 billion.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a job where you just make stuff up all the time? 

Because it was wet, heavy snow, we stayed in and played games.  I demonstrated for my human’s mother just how well I play the Casino board game – where I have to sniff out the treats and open the little drawers to get them.  I am a super star with that game.  In FACT, because I am so great with the nose work, my human did something yesterday.  She registered me for a CLASS – where I will learn how to do scent work.  Now won’t THAT be entertaining?!   She didn’t register Frodo – he gets bored with looking for things.  He’s better with fast “action” activities.  And Pax?  He would be WAY too busy trying to meet everyone else in the class.  He’s too sociable.  My human thinks this will be perfect for me.  At very least, it will provide stories for my blog!  We’ll be starting in two weeks. 

We have been very well behaved since my human’s mother arrived.  She even remarked how we didn’t take off any of her fingers when she was giving us pieces of banana.  She continues to call me Cocoa.  She knows my name – we’ve been through this before – but she thinks I look like a Cocoa.  Whatever a Cocoa looks like.  I mean I’m not even chocolate in color.  That’s OK.  I’ll answer to anything if food is involved!

Well, speaking of bananas, I think I smell one being peeled.  Gotta go!  Have a great day!

©  Linda Wozniak

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