So.  On Christmas Day we had temperatures of around 14 degrees Celsius – 57 for my American friends.  So NO snow for Santa.  Clearly his sleigh has convertible wheels on it.  Anyway – TODAY we are having LOTS of snow.  At least that’s what the weather person says.  Snow with a chance of freezing rain  and ice pellets.  As usual, they are hedging their predictions by including the “r” word in the forecast.  That way IF it is NOT snow and it is REALLY rain, they have themselves covered.  Pretty clever.  We all  know how I feel about the weather forecast.  Their predictions are about as reliable as I am.  You can NEVER tell WHAT I will do – so I’m kind of like the weather.  Call me Typhoon Viktor.  Or Viktor the Twister.  Anyway, my human is DREADING our first snowfall.  She has visions of the mountains of snow and the luge run driveway from last winter.  And Frodo and I have visions of the dreaded snowsuits.  Remind me again WHY we live in Nova Scotia?  Oh right.  It IS very pretty.  VERY pretty.  Part of the year.
Well we have started playing with our new Christmas toys.  Remember the Pyramid we got last year?  The sturdy hard plastic toy that was weighted on the bottom with a small hole near the top, where treats can come out.  The toy that Paxton loved to carry around and tactically spun so the treats would come out.  The toy that I loved to chase and play with – gobbling treats as they came out. The toy that Frodo frantically BASHED around the room – not even CARING if treats came out.  The toy that would damage walls, furniture and human ankles if they mistakenly were in the path.  Well.  They made a NEW, softer “quieter” model – which of COURSE we had to get.  And it’s true.  It is softer.  And quieter.  And less dangerous to humans and surroundings.  BUT…the treats come out VERY quickly.  Very VERY quickly.  I’m not sure why – it LOOKS the same as the old version, but boy those treats just FLY out.  I LOVE it.  Frodo still bashes it around – without caring that the treats are even there.  Paxton now just bats it with his paws – quickly dispensing treats in one place. So although WE like it, my human isn’t QUITE so thrilled. We have ANOTHER new toy too – we’ll test that one today.

Well excuse me while I go and look out the window AGAIN.  That’s REALLY the best way of forecasting the weather.   Heeeeeeeere we go again!

©  Linda Wozniak

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