Boxing Day

Waiting for the “OK” to open our special surprises. Note – mine is already started.  I couldn’t wait…

Another Christmas Day done.  Whew.  That was a lot of work.  Just kidding.  We dogs don’t have to work too hard – although we do get to monitor the frenzied behavior of our humans – and that in itself is exhausting.  But the Christmas feast came out lovely – and this year I didn’t steal any turkey legs while my human wasn’t watching.  Sometimes I underestimate her.  She REMEMBERED my theft from last year – so this year, we were sequestered OUT of the kitchen.  AND she played the whole “gift opening” game quite strategically as well.  You see, she let us open the toys we got from Santa in the morning – but saved the BEST gifts for later in the day.  When she KNEW we would be so excited and occupied by them – that we would leave the humans in peace to eat their Christmas dinner.  The special surprise?  We EACH got a deer antler.  But not just ANY antler –an antler STUFFED with sweet potato and beef.  I could not WAIT to open my package.  And Paxton also tore his apart.  Frodo – the good dog who never rips things, didn’t know what to do.  My human had to open it for him.  I kid you not.  And he’s supposed to be the “smart” one?!

Today is Boxing Day.  I thought the name came from the fact that humans get into fist fights while trying to return Christmas gifts – and while fighting for bargains – but apparently it has nothing to do with shopping rage. The name apparently comes from the UK – and has something to do with servants and tradespeople receiving boxes or gifts from their employers the day after Christmas.  In Canada it’s a holiday – and it’s also a day when stores have BIG sales – kind of like the day after Thanksgiving in the US.  It’s a big deal in lots of areas in Canada – but for some reason, everything in Nova Scotia is CLOSED.  Not a store or business can be found that is open.  So the big Boxing Day sales begin the day AFTER Boxing Day.  But they still call them Boxing Day sales.  Confused?  Yup.  Another brilliant human idea.  We don’t really care.  I mean, it’s not like we would be returning those deer antlers that Santa brought.  Let’s just say, they are already well used.

The best news for today is that we have COMPANY coming!  My human’s mother is coming to hang out with us for a few days.  Not that she lives that far away.  Or that she wasn’t here yesterday.  But she is coming to STAY while my human is on vacation.  And we KNOW I am her favorite grand-dog – so that means MORE bananas and treats for me!  OK.  OK.  She does treat us all equally.  But MAYBE – I can work on that – with my adorable, fun-loving, sweet entertaining persona.  I certainly will try!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas – and will continue to enjoy the rest of this holiday season!

©  Linda Wozniak

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