MERRY Christmas!!!

Just a quick note today as it is CHRISTMAS!!!!

Last night my human and her mom and sister had the wigilia supper and went to church and today everyone is coming to our house for turkey dinner.  It appears that Santa overlooked my indiscretions and did leave some presents. We never heard him arrive but he clearly was here. What I find unusual is that the gift wrapping job is actually quite horrible and it bears a strong resemblance to my human’s handiwork. I’m assuming Santa asked her to help him out. I’m doubtful he’ll be using her services in the future.  Mind you, we’ll be tearing off that paper in 0.25 seconds – so I guess it doesn’t REALLY matter what the wrapping looks like…

In addition to Santa arriving – more importantly, Baby Jesus is now in the crib in the manger.  Frodo said he was hiding behind the manger up until now – but all I know is that around midnight, he appeared IN the crib. With the shepherds, the sheep and the cow and the dog.  Of COURSE our manger would HAVE to have a dog in it.

You know – this Christmas is extra special as it is a FULL moon!  As if presents alone aren’t enough to make us crazy!

Well – I am about to open those presents.  I hope my wish for your joyful, happy Christmas is coming true!  Peace my friends!

©  Linda Wozniak

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