Dear Santa…

Dear Santa.

Before I get into my list, I have some “housekeeping items”. I am hoping that you will come to our home FIRST because my human has spent an inordinate amount of time cleaning the house and us. We cannot maintain this façade for very long.

Also please disregard the previous email list that I sent to you. I hit the “send” button before I was finished with my message.  You will note that the previous list included a goat. I have subsequently taken that item off my list because I realized that my human has enough work taking care of us three dogs -so a goat would probably not be a good idea.

I have tried to be a good dog this year with “tried” being the operative word. You see I have been diligent in writing my blog almost every day. And I actually engage in some of my antics purely for my readership because really, if I was well-behaved all the time, the blog would be would become quite boring.  I must confess I did enjoy destroying the elf and making friends with the porcupine and disappearing in the woods and licking Frodo’s face and Paxton’s ears and breaking into the DFZ and chasing the neighbor’s cat and and and…. well maybe not EVERYTHING was purely for my readership. I hope you will not hold those “indiscretions” against me.

So back to the list.  I had World Peace as number one- but I realize that’s a BIG order…

Some toys would be nice – although none of those “educational” toys this year.  Thanks but no thanks.  We’re still trying to figure out the toys from last year.  So something basic – like a toilet paper roll would be fine.  We quite enjoy those.

No clothes.  Again – thanks but no thanks.  Give those to someone else who really needs them. And enjoys wearing them.

Of course, I always enjoy some treats.  And an extra helping of food would be nice.  Mind you, I already have those too.

We have a comfy bed – which we DO share.  My human could use a bigger bed – but I DO manage to get up there too– but don’t tell her…

Let’s see what else could I ask for?  Santa – perhaps what I will ask for is not for me.  I will ask for something for every person (and dog) who is reading this blog.  I ask that they share the joy and happiness that Christmas is all about .  A smile, a handshake, a phone call, a hug – realizing that Christmas ISN’T about the presents – but about those moments that you share with others.  Human OR canine.  OK. Cats too.  And ferrets.  And rabbits.  But not snakes. OK. Snakes too.  But just for today.

Santa I ask for peace and happiness within the hearts of those reading this – even if just for a moment.   And that feeling of pure joy – that we dogs know ALL about.  That’s what I wish for.

Oh – and if you DO decide to drop off a parcel – and you can’t fit down our chimney – I’ll leave the door open. And I’ll remind Frodo that’s it’s OK to let you in. I’m not sure about leaving you milk and cookies – it is likely one of us would eat it. Sorry about that….

Safe travels Santa – don’t forget to buckle up and you probably should also be wearing a helmet.   Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Your best friend.

Viktor.  The PON.

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