Does Santa REALLY care how we smell?

I should have seen it coming.  We were picked off one by one. It started with me on Monday.  My human took Frodo and I out to play fetch – and I noticed that she was throwing my toy on the lawn – while she was throwing the toy for Frodo on the driveway.  The lawn, I might add was wet and muddy.  I thought it odd – and then realized what she was doing.  She was letting me have a great time – BEFORE the dreaded bath.  Yup.  I was the first victim.  I’m actually NOT too bad when it comes to bath time – although I do attempt to eat the dryer that has the jet engine when she starts it up.  But all in all, I’m not TOO bad.  Frodo and Paxton hardly recognized me when I emerged from the “spa.”  I initially protested the fact that I was the first victim…
 But then realized I DID look and smell pretty nice…

Yesterday, I figured it would be Frodo’s turn – so I gave him a pre-wash before my human began. He was NOT impressed with my handiwork. 

He got a good brushing first, so when that was over, he thought he was done for the day.  Wrongo.  My human had to catch him after he jumped off the grooming table when he realized she was testing the water temperature in the tub.  My human DID catch him – she always does.  You can run – but you CANNOT hide.

 My human planned to give Paxton his bath today – but yesterday after bathing Frodo, she figured she was wet already, so she tackled the worst.  Not worst in terms of behavior – Paxton GLADLY jumps on the grooming table AND in the tub.  He loves the whole experience.  He often sits with his eyes closed while he is being dried – like he’s getting a massage.   He LOVES bath time.
The bad part about Paxton’s bath is the nuclear hair fallout.  My human brushed enough hair off him to fill a garbage bag  before she began – but he STILL loses hair like leaves coming off the trees in the fall when he is bathed.  That’s in the tub while he is being washed.  And then when the dryer starts – well it is EVERYWHERE.  It’s raining down and flying all around the room.  My human has it in her eyes, her mouth – she should probably be wearing a hazmat suit. And the cleanup after takes longer than the bath!
 But we are all done.  And all ready for Santa.   Just putting the finishing touches on my list – I’ll email it.   Because we all look and smell marvelous, there will be no fun retrieving in the muddy yard until AFTER Christmas.  I’m just fearful we will have to wear our snowsuits to keep us clean until then. 

Have a great day!  We WILL – because NO baths today!!!!!!!!
©  Linda Wozniak

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